október 28, 2009

on this batman fascination

splitting headache.
no idea why i am pushing this batman thing all the time.
"batman" stands for: creativity, darkness, power, fast cars, secret, skyscrapers, music, an alterego and a hidden self, beams of light against a very back background, big spaces, small spaces, sin, insanity, references everywhere, interculturality, that you can count only on yourself.

Dave McKean: Probably best known for his groundbreaking illustrations of 76 covers for Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” series of graphic novels, the English, bearded McKean has also applied his explosive talent to book design and illustration, esoteric comic book illustration, CD cover design, advertising photography, writing — even composing jazz.

“The problem with the ‘Supermans’ and ‘Batmans,’” McKean elaborates, “is that they really work best when they’re very, very simple and when they’re done by people who loved them as kids and want to recreate that naiveté. But I don’t have those feelings for them at all.

“I had a go at doing something different with ‘Batman,’ but as soon as you start trying to give these characters any kind of complexity or come at them from any other angle, their foundations are so weak that they all kind of collapse. It’s a really horrible calamity of form and content.”


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